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Acrylamide 98%(Microbiological Grade)-永利现金龙虎斗-0522.TV官方


Properties:Molecular formula: CH2CHCONH2; White crystal powder (flake), toxic! Melting point: 84.5°C; Boiling point:125°C; Relative density:1.122(20/4°C). It dissolves in water, alcohol, acetone, etc. 

Technical Index:


Method of manufacturing: Adopts the original  carrier-free technology by Tsinghua University. With the characteristics of higher purity and reactivity, no copper and low iron content, it is especially suitable for polymer production.

Application: Mainly used to produce a variety of copolymers, homopolymers and modified polymers, which are widely used in oil exploration, medicine, metallurgy, paper-making, paint, textile, water treatment and soil improvement, etc.

Package: 25KG 3-in-1 composite bag with PE liner.


(1) Toxic! Avoid direct physical contact with the product when using it.

(2) The material is easy to sublimate, please keep the package sealed, and stored in dry and ventilated place.  Shelf time: 12 months.

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