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Cationic PAM, copolymerized by cationic monomer and acrylamide, is a wafer-soluble and linear organic polymer with high molecular weight.

Technical Index:



Mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation process as a flocculating agent, including settlement, clarification, concentrate and sludge dewatering processes. The main application area is: urban sewage treatment, paper making, food processing, petrochemical, metallurgical, miner dressing, dyeing,sugar making and all kinds of industrial  wastewater treatment.

In the paper industy, used as dry strength agents, retention agents, and filter aids, which can greatly improve paper quality, save cost and improve the production

capacity. For the past few years, used as the chemical material in the oil field. such as the Anti-clayswlling agent, Acidificaflon thickening agent, Oil waste water treatment agent, etc.

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