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Product: 2-Methylfuran

Molecular formula: C5H6O

CAS RN: 534-22-5

Molecular weight: 82.10

Properties:It is colorless liquid with the ethereal odor. It will change to yellow or even to black when exposed to light. It slight soluble to water, can mix soluble to alcohol, ether,acetone, etc. Solubility in 100g water:0.3, density:0.9132, boiling point:63.2-65.6℃, melting point:-88.68℃, refractive index:1.4320, flash point:-22℃.

Technical Index:


Application: It can be used in producing Vitamin B1, chloroquine phosphate and primaquine phosphate. It is good solution for pyrethroid pesticides, essence and flavor.

Package: 220KG steel drum, 17.6MT (80 drums) in 20’FCL, or 21-25MT in ISO tank.

Storage: Stored in dark, dry and ventilated place.

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