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Acrylamide Solution(Microbiological Grade)-澳门永利娱乐场手机版-澳门永利7276.com抢红包


Properties: Colorless transparent liquid. Molecular formula: CH2CHCONH2, crystallization point 8-13℃.

Technical Index:


Methods of production: Adopts the original  carrier-free technology by Tsinghua University. With the characteristics of higher purity and reactivity, no copper and low iron content, it is especially suitable for polymer production. 

Application: Mainly used to produce a variety of copolymers, homopolymers and modified polymers, which are widely used in oil exploration, medicine, metallurgy, paper-making, paint, textile, water treatment and soil improvement, etc.
Package: 200KG plastic drum or ISO/ IBC tank.


(1)Keep away from high temperature and exposure to avoid self-polymerization reaction.
(2) Toxic! Avoid direct physical contact with the product. 

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